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All the picks for NFL weekend

Week 10 brought us the start of the Scott Tolzien Era in Green Bay, Kellen Clemens outplaying Andrew Luck in a real life National Football League game, and victories for the previously winless Jaguars and Buccaneers. Tavon Austin had about as grand a coming out party that any player could ask for, Rob Ryan got the last laugh against the Cowboys (for now, at least), and the Giants though by no means aesthetically pleasing won their third straight after starting the season with six consecutive losses.

What does Week 11 have in store?

Note: OK, so I blew that one. But hey, I did Stephen Gostkowski Womens Jersey get the Titans' point total right. Tennessee did control the line early, with Chris Johnson running for 80 yards and a pair of TDs in the first quarter, but he had only six yards the rest of the way and Luck outshined Fitzpatrick in the second half of the 30 27 Indianapolis win. But here was my prediction:

Indianapolis at Tennessee: As any unlucky fantasy football owner will tell you, Trent Richardson ran the ball just five times for two yards a week ago in Indy horrible loss vs. St. Louis. Overall, the Colts running game has been held under 75 yards in three of the team's last four outings. These Thursday night games have been tricky ones, with home underdogs pulling off victories the past two weeks. In Ryan Fitzpatrick last home game against the Colts, while a Buffalo Bill in 2010, he threw three touchdowns and no interceptions with a 120.8 rating. He is starting for the Titans on Thursday, in place of the injured Jake Locker, who is out for the season. Tennessee will dominate the line of scrimmage and Fitzpatrick will save the Titans season on Thursday.

Baltimore at Chicago: Don look now, but the Ravens could be primed for a nice second half run. Sure, the offense is a nightmare. And yes, they were fortunate to win last week after almost giving it up on an inexplicable 51 yard Hail Mary pass as time expired to tie the fame regulation. But, the defense looks about as good as it ever did last season. Elvis Dumervil having arguably his best season as a pro and appears to be worth every penny. The bandwagon is completely empty at the moment, but with a Cutler less Bears team up ahead on Sunday, the Jets in Baltimore in Week 12, and then a Thanksgiving battle with the Steelers in Baltimore, we could be looking at a 7 5 Ravens team going into Week 14.

Cleveland at Cincinnati: Cool moment before last week Ravens Bengals game in Baltimore. With no cameras rolling and no one really else around, Marvin Lewis ran out on to the M Bank Stadium field three hours before kickoff so he could personally thank the handful of veterans who were on hand for their service. Marvin team is coming off two terrible overtime losses, but both those games were on the road. They get right on Sunday.

The Pick: Bengals 27, Browns 16

Washington at Philadelphia: Sunday will mark 364 days since Nick Foles first career start. His opponent that week in 2012? Oh, the same opponent as this week. Quick. If you were to pick a second year quarterback to lead your team over the next eight weeks, would you go with Robert Griffin III or Foles? The fact that not an easy answer says Stephen Gostkowski Navy Jersey all you need to know about the latter.

The Pick: Eagles 34, Redskins 23

Detroit at Pittsburgh: A week after giving up a franchise all time worst 55 points in New England, we saw the Steelers D of old against the Bills. They got their mojo back, even if just temporarily, as they fight the sands of time. Everyone high on the Lions and rightfully so. This Steelers team has too much pride to lose in their building as underdogs on Sunday.

The Pick: Steelers 27, Lions 24 (OT)

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Skye Dawson, Bobby Rainey and Eric Page all played key roles in the Bucs victory over the Dolphins on Monday night. And no, it was not a preseason game. Tampa relying on third and fourth string guys on offense, but I like their spirit. These players whether you believe it or not wants to finish the season up strong. Both for themselves and for their head coach.

The Pick: Buccaneers 27, Falcons 16

Arizona at Jacksonville: Break up the Jags! Jacksonville got some talent on the roster and put it together to win one last Sunday. But the Cardinals are suddenly a wild card contender and that makes this a must win game for Arizona. The Cardinals are not losing this one.

The Pick: Cardinals 33, Jaguars 20

Oakland at Houston: I spoke to someone within the Cardinals organization this week about the Texans, just days after Arizona beat Houston by a field goal in Week 10. have no idea how that team has lost seven straight games. They darn good. Agreed.

The Pick: Texans 24, Raiders 17

San Diego at Miami: Lost in all the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito news was the fact that Miami was Rob Ninkovich Navy Jersey losing two starting offensive linemen. The result was a franchise low two yards rushing last week versus Tampa. And with backup tackle Will Yeatman now out for the season with a torn ACL, I wouldn be shocked if the Dolphins fail to win another game this season.

The Pick: Chargers 30, Rob Ninkovich Womens Jersey Dolphins 20

San Francisco at New Orleans: Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers got the best of the Saints in New Orleans a season ago and San Francisco took out the high powered Saints in the playoffs two seasons back. It payback time this week.

Green Bay at New York Giants: Tolzien the Packers' third QB in as many games is ready to go. He might not be a household name, but he a big kid, he won a lot of big games at Wisconsin, and he been waiting for his shot in the spotlight. He get it on Sunday. The Giants will win at home, but it won be the blowout some folks are expecting.

The Pick: Giants 24, Packers 20

Minnesota at Seattle: The entire NFC is rooting for the Vikings on Sunday. If Seattle has home field advantage in the playoffs, the NFC could be a wrap might as well book the tickets to MetLife Stadium. I think the Vikings give Seattle a game, but it another victory for the Seahawks in a building they haven lost in since 2011. Oh yeah, and it looks like Percy Harvin may finally make his long awaited debut this Sunday, and against his former team.

New England at Carolina: How about this matchup? In August, did anyone circle Patriots and Panthers as the top Monday night game of the year? No. Well, I all in on this Panthers team. Carolina D is as good as any in the league. If you weren buying into this team before Sunday game in San Francisco, you will come Tuesday.

The Pick: Panthers 27, Patriots 17

Cheat Sheet Trivia Answer of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger, who won 22 regular season games in the 2004 05 seasons. I should note, however, that Big Ben also won five playoff games and one Super Bowl in his first two seasons, as well.

CDATAJill Biden

Yesterday, Dr. Jill Biden joined President Bush at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas for a Summit focused on how Americans can support post 9/11 veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Dr. Biden noted that while the troops serving our nation represent only one percent of the population, the other 99 percent of Americans need to find ways to honor and support them.

In her remarks, Dr. Biden highlighted the many ways Americans have already stepped up since she and First Lady Michelle Obama started Joining Forces nearly three years ago:

Businesses have made it a priority to hire veterans and military spouses, not only because it is their patriotic duty, but because they know our service men and women are highly skilled, hardworking employees;

Educators, including teaching colleges, are doing more to prepare teachers for the unique needs of military connected children in the classroom, and higher education institutions are taking steps to help veterans succeed on campus; and

Doctors, nurses, and social workers have pledged support to enhance the preparation of our nation medical providers to care for returning service men and women, and their families.

read moreOn Tuesday, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union Address to the nation and laid out his agenda for the coming year and the White House Photo Office followed him throughout the day.

They put together a memorable set of State of the Union images including behind the scenes moments from before and after the speech, President Obama greeting Members of Congress, and audience reactions from during the speech. Check out the gallery below, and visit our State of the Union page for more State of the Union related videos and content.

Today, First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her 50th birthday. We pulled together some of our favorite moments from the First Lady life. Starting from her days as little Michelle Robinson, all the way up to today, here are some of the best photos, videos, Instagram posts, Facebook posts and tweets of the First Lady of the United States.

1. Future First Lady Michelle Robinson grows up in Chicago, Illinois.

2. Michelle Robinson marries Barack Obama.

3. The Obama family grows from two to four.

4. Kyle Arrington Kids Jersey The First Lady attends the inaugural balls with her date, the 44th President of the United States

More than 20 years ago, my personal involvement in the fight against breast cancer started after four of my friends were diagnosed with the disease in the same year. After one of those friends lost her battle, I saw just what a ruthless adversary breast cancer could be. Far too many of us have lost a loved one to breast cancer or seen a colleague or friend endure painful treatments to fight the disease.

That is why I am so pleased that today the Administration is making clear that most health insurance plans must soon cover chemoprevention medications like tamoxifen and raloxifene that can reduce the risk of breast cancer for women Kyle Arrington Jersey who have an increased chance of developing the disease. In addition, these health plans will have to cover the medications at no cost to these women.

Women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer face many questions. Now, if their doctor recommends that the benefits of this treatment outweigh the risks, one question women across the country won have to ask is whether they can afford it.

This is just one more way the Affordable Care Act is helping fight breast cancer. Already, the ACA ensures that about 47 million women have access to free mammograms every year or two, that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage or increase premiums due to pre existing conditions like breast cancer, and new health plans can no longer set an annual or lifetime cap on someone health insurance benefits meaning women diagnosed with breast cancer will not max out their insurance benefits while seeking treatment. to deliver hundreds of toys that Executive Office of the President staff donated to the United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign, an annual holiday toy drive. After delivering the toys, she thanked volunteers for their hard work and dedication this holiday season:

I want to thank all of you and all of the volunteers and donors for Toys for Tots running year after year. One thing I always say is that I don know if people realize everything it takes to make this happen the thousands of hours that go into making Stevan Ridley Authentic Jersey this drive possible.

Mrs. Obama also thanked military families for all they do throughout the year, while still finding time to run programs like Toys for Tots.

Most people don understand that you do all of this service on top of all of the challenges that you face as servicemembers and as military families. And that the example that I think the rest of the country needs to see that even in the midst of your challenges, you find a way to give back to those less fortunate.

Ed. note: This is cross posted from the Department of Labor blog. See the original post here.

If you have had the chance to step onto a community college campus recently, you know the special role they are playing in rebuilding the American economy. Over the last three years, this administration has made unprecedented investments in the community college system through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training or TAACCCT grant program. These grants encourage schools across the country to work with each other, with the workforce system and with employers to create cutting edge training programs that prepare workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Today, Dr. Jill Biden and Labor Stevan Ridley Jersey Secretary Tom Perez will visit Cleveland Community College in North Carolina and Broward College in Florida as part of their College to Career tour designed to highlight innovative workforce training partnerships.

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Cahokia clerk shooting suspects still loose

Cahokia, IL (KSDK) Investigators with the Cahokia Police Department have released surveillance images connected to the recent shooting of a store clerk. in the 2600 block of Camp Jackson Road. Police said the five suspects walked into the store armed with guns and wearing masks. They began making demands and made off with a drawer full of cash, but not before they shot the store clerk.

Suspect A: African American man, approximately 5'10" with a thin build, long braided hair pulled up on top (possibly dreadlocks), a full goatee; wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans.

Suspect B: African American man, approximately 5'5" with a thin build, and last seen wearing a light blue polo shirt and dark colored pants, and white and black Air Jordan shoes. He also had a white cloth over his mouth and a dark gray cloth or shirt covering his head. Wore white and black gloves on his hands, as well as sunglass, and was carrying a rifle with a wooden stock and Dont'a Hightower Youth Jersey large scope.

Suspect C: African American man, approximately 5'8" with a heavy build, wearing an over sized black t shirt and baggy tan shorts, as well as Chandler Jones Youth Jersey black tennis shoes, a black and red wig, a greenish gray cap and sunglasses. He had a shotgun with a wooden stock.

Suspect D: African American man, approximately 5'8" with a thin build, and wearing a multi colored short sleeved shirt that included dark blue, light blue gray and white stripes. He also wore white tennis shoes, a dark St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap and a white and Dont'a Hightower Authentic Jersey pastel bandana over his head with a pair of sunglasses. He was armed with a black revolver.

Suspect E: African American man, approximately 5'5" with a thin build, wearing a dark Chandler Jones Authentic Jersey t shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes, with a light red cloth over his mouth and a light blue cloth over his head. He wore sunglasses and carried a black semi automatic handgun.

Bringing relief to Syrian refugees

"By the time they reach the border, most refugees have already endured Danny Amendola Kids Jersey a long and difficult journey," said Maan Ibrahim, who heads a team of ICRC water engineers in Jordan. "As soon as they arrive, they urgently need water, food, shelter and sometimes medical care."

According to official figures, more than 580,000 Syrians have taken refuge in Jordan since the onset of the fighting in their country. Around 30 per cent of Syrian refugees are accommodated in Danny Amendola Youth Jersey camps, and the others are taken in by local communities. Because Syrians arrive in Jordan with few if any belongings, when they cross the border they are initially hosted at reception points where their basic needs are attended to.

Most refugees remain in northern areas near the Syrian border, for example in Irbid, Mafraq, Ramtha or Zarqa, where they put tremendous pressure on the already very limited resources available. "So far, we have provided food and hygiene items for over 58,000 Syrian refugees," said ICRC delegate Nana Chukhua. "While our main aim is to assist the refugees, we are also easing the burden of local host communities."

At al Zaatari camp, in Mafraq governorate north east of Amman, thousands of Syrian refugees yearning to make contact Brandon LaFell Youth Jersey with family members in Syria and elsewhere have been receiving help from the ICRC.

"People suffer terribly when they lose contact with their loved ones " they don't know where they are, or whether they're safe," said Ali Abdallah, head of the tracing services run by the ICRC at its Amman delegation. "Since the beginning of the year, over 24,000 refugees in the camp have had the opportunity to make free phone calls to their families."

supplied rice, bulghur, white beans, lentils, cooking oil, canned tuna, tea, other food items as well as soap, shampoo, washing powder and similar items to some 58,000 Syrian refugees hosted by local communities in northern Jordan, in cooperation with the Jordan National Red Crescent Society;provided blankets, mattresses, pillows and hygiene items for over 100,000 Syrian refugees crossing the north eastern Jordanian border;supplied 13 drinking water coolers, 19 water tanks and 12 wash basins for Syrian refugees crossing the north eastern Jordanian Brandon LaFell Kids Jersey border. Set up 20 pre fabricated caravans, 11 of which are used as shelters, seven for toilets or showers, and two as clinics. Provided four generators of different capacities, five water pumps and other supplies, such as tarpaulins and rubbish containers, for Syrian refugees crossing the north eastern Jordanian border;provided the Jordanian Royal Medical Services with wound dressing materials on a monthly basis since March. Enough supplies have been provided to date to treat some 2,500 people with minor injuries, or about 250 with serious injuries;delivered two clinics fully equipped with solar powered refrigeration, air conditioning, etc., to remote north eastern border areas for Syrian refugees entering Jordan who need primary medical careorganized a three day seminar in February in the northern city of Irbid in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, during which a total of 40 Syrian and Jordanian surgeons were trained in war surgery and in the treatment of weapon "wounded patients;helped over 24,000 Syrian refugees, including 12 minors separated from their families, maintain contact with other family members inside Syria and elsewhere by making international telephone calls available free of charge.

Blackburn Rovers v Watford

Jordan Rhodes hit the only goal as Blackburn beat Watford 1 0 in their Championship clash at Ewood Park on Tuesday night.

Rhodes bagged his ninth goal of the season as Blackburn won to make it two consecutive Sky Bet Championship wins while also ending Watford's three match winning streak.

The Scotland international pounced midway through the second half with a powerful header from a long throw that earned Rovers their fourth win in their last seven league outings, a run in which they have tasted defeat just once.

Gary Bowyer was sufficiently pleased with the comprehensive win at Bournemouth that he kept the same side, while Gianfranco Zola changed half of his team, despite the victory against Wigan.

By the start both sides made, the confidence coursing through the collective veins was clear, and Rhodes provided a collector's item after 15 minutes when he dragged wide from 12 yards after a neat Tom Cairney pass.

Moments later Watford showed their own intent when Javier Acuna set up the onrushing Lewis McGugan who lashed wide ferociously.

The slow reactions of Blackburn's defence almost brought an opener after 24 Brandon Browner Jersey minutes when Davide Faraoni crossed to the completely unmarked Acuna but his header bounced off Todd Kane.

Corry Evans almost netted with only four minutes of the half remaining but his improvised volley sailed inches wide.

Watford went into the game as the league's most prolific goalscoring side with 20 and set about trying to add to that early in the Darrelle Revis Jersey second.

Troy Deeney did well to control and cross on the Brandon Browner Womens Jersey right byline and he found Ikechi Anya but the Scotland international thundered his volley into the ground and over.

It took 57 minutes before the first shot on target arrived but McGugan's speculative effort on his 150th career league start was easily gathered by Jake Kean.

Blackburn registered their first effort on target a minute later through Rhodes who Darrelle Revis Navy Jersey saw his snapshot plucked out of the air by Manuel Almunia.

Almunia was again called into action moments later when Josh King slalomed his way down the left wing and into the area before undoing his good work by curling tamely at the Spaniard.

Blackburn's pressure eventually paid off and through the most simple of moves. Tommy Spurr's long throw was flicked on by Scott Dann and Rhodes was on hand to power the header past Almunia.

Watford refused to lie down, with Anya firing a long range effort with 20 minutes left that flew wide and had Kean scrambling across his goal.

The Hornets were looking to maintain their four game unbeaten run and Fernando Forestieri combined well with Faraoni after 80 minutes but drifted too far right before firing wide.

A nerve shredding finish was almost eased by Rhodes in injury time but Almunia saved when one on one, but Rovers held on, repeating the exact same outcome as last season's corresponding fixture.